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Why Are We Here?

This is a question we have been asked a lot since we first launched in January this year. If truth be told, we’ve asked it of ourselves a few times! A meeting with Phil from All Out Cricket magazine last month made us realise that people need to know exactly who we are and what we are trying to create here at TITAN. People want to know the story behind the name and the names behind the faces.

As the Chairman of a social cricket club I’ve been responsible for replenishing the club kit bag in the close season for a number of years and I was getting fed up with the relentless annual price rises for, in many cases, exactly the same kit. I was also tired of seeing the same products and designs today that I used to see when I first started playing cricket over 25 years ago. In 2013 I felt that enough was enough and I decided to create a brand that broke the mould not only in styling, but also in performance and all within the budget of your average league & social club cricketer.

I had two very clear visions of what I wanted TITAN to bring to the cricket world. Firstly I wanted to create a range of high performance equipment that not only felt good but looked good too. I wanted the designs and styling to get the heart pumping and the blood racing. I wanted every TITAN product to instil a feeling of invincibility into the player using it. We’ve all had those days on the cricket field when we feel 10 feet tall and unbeatable, well I wanted everyone who picked up a TITAN bat or strapped on a pair of TITAN pads or leg guards to feel that way.

But at what cost? With our aim to make our products affordable to as many people as possible we’ve kept our margins incredibly low. So low in fact that we are not able to re-sell through high street stores and online shops as this would force the retail price up. Right now the only place you can buy TITAN products is through our website our Facebook shop or from our warehouse in south-west London. We know this puts us at a disadvantage to every other brand out there but then again we aren’t like every other brand. TITAN was created to serve a specific purpose and whilst it means our sales figures are compromised, our ideals are not.

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