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Times Are A-Changing

Well, well, blink and you missed it. That’s pretty much how 2014 has been for us. When we launched in January of this year we were both excited and terrified in equal measure. Excited about bringing our ideas and designs to life through our product range and then terrified about how they would be received! We’re delighted to say that the response has been fantastic and has given us the confidence to move forward with even greater drive and ambition.

There’s some quite radical changes happening here at TITAN HQ. Our last blog highlighted the giant strides we are making in introducing our comprehensive Women’s range in time for the 2015 season. Along with the technical input from Scotland Wildcat, Charlotte Bascombe, we’ve also got local wildlife artist, Susanna Abel, working on the new product designs. Our existing Men’s range is getting a revamp as new features are being added to our batting pads, gloves and kit bags. Following on from customer feedback we’re stream-lining our range of bats.

However, it’s not just the product range that are getting a refresh and touch up. We’ve also started a complete redesign of the website in terms of both looks and functionality. The wonderful Lisa Ghaith, creator of the TITAN logo, is working on the new design and we’ve also teamed up with the talented Simon Williams of JS Web Services for the programming and creation of the new site. We have a tentative launch date of early January but do follow us on @TITAN_CRICKET for regular updates.

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