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Ready for Take-Off

Please make sure your seat belts are fastened, your chair is in an upright position and all bags are secured in the overhead locker. Welcome aboard Air TITAN, we hope you enjoy your journey with us.

Truth be told, we really have no idea where we are going! Of course we have our ambitions and our dreams (Naveed’s mostly feature him switching on the tv to see both sets of teams decked out in TITAN gear, Susanna’s are usually about TITAN making enough profit to fund the protection of all endangered species worldwide and Magda’s mostly feature a very large glass of red wine). It’s amazing just how far we have come in such a short space of time in all honesty. Naveed has long held a vision of creating a new brand of cricket equipment that not only delivered in terms of performance, dazzled in terms of design but was also affordable to the average league & social cricketer. It was only when he met Susanna that this dream started to become a reality.

We won’t bore you with stories about the endless pre-production samples and design revisions but suffice to say that for a long time the finishing line seemed very far away. We were striving to create a range of quality products, that look good, feel good, make you look & feel good and all at affordable prices. That race is now won.

Our first batch of production arrived just after the New Year and following a thorough quality inspection we started trading in mid-January. The feedback so far has been nothing short of fantastic. From Surrey district players to Sunday league players, every single one of our customers to date has been very impressed with their TITAN kit.

We have tried to provide a reasonably solid base of products. We have 6 different bats, starting at Grade 3 and going all the way up to the very finest Grade 1 premium English willow; 3 different batting leg guards and gloves, 3 different styles of kit bag, 3 different types of cricket balls, wicket-keeping protection and a range of clothing. All of these are currently available in Men’s sizes. Our long-term plan is to provide the same high-quality products and the same great prices in both Women’s & Junior ranges, however we have no precise launch date at this time.

We may have won our first marathon but there are many more to come and we’re taking them one at a time. Who knows where TITAN will be 1, 5, 10 or 50 years from now but wherever that may be we hope you will take the journey with us. So strap yourselves in, this promises to be one heck of a ride!

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