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Here Come The Girls

As a small independent brand our growth is very much organic. Whilst we do have grand plans to offer a full range of every conceivable piece of cricket equipment to every type of cricketer, we are moving one step at a time and have started with a basic Men’s range that covers a wide variety of bats, gloves, pads, clothing, kit bags and of course our own range of cricket balls.

However, as you know we have for a long time been determined to rectify the awful lack of choice for women cricketers that currently exists in the market and I’m delighted to say that serious progress is now being made on developing a comprehensive range of both equipment and clothing. Although we can’t officially announce it yet, we do hope to have our new Women’s range ready in time for the 2015 season - watch this space!

Once again the cricket family has come together and we must acknowledge the support and input we have received from, in no particular order of preference: Martin Davies who writes the excellent ; Yorkshire cricketer Francesca James; Camilla Charles & her daughter Alice, both players in the Oxford league; Khushali Patel, MCB Inclusion & Diversity Officer; Shaun Martyn of A big thank you must go to all the cricketers and cricket lovers who took the time to take part in our online survey, which can be found here

As grateful we are to all the people mentioned above, our biggest thanks go to Scotland Wildcat, Charlotte Bascombe, who shares our passion and drive to introduce a comprehensive range of equipment & clothing for women. Charlotte has been incredibly generous with her time and her technical input into our upcoming range has been invaluable. We’re very excited about developments here at TITAN HQ and we look forward to sharing more good news with you very soon.

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